Maxim Pekarsky

full-stack product engineer

I'm a full-stack web developer passionate about crafting impactive products, and communicating about code clearly and empathetically. I currently work at Bonusl.y and write for the StackOverflow blog. In the past, I worked on product and engineering teams at Codecademy, Indiegogo, and the NYC Mayor's Office, and attended the Recurse Center in 2019.

I am most comfortable in JavaScript, Ruby, Node.js, Rails, and React, but I think about people first and tools second. Before I start building, I draw on data and design principles to create satisfying and empathetic experiences for my users.

My latest projects are Hackterms, the Urban Dictionary for programming terms, and Tinylogger, a minimal blogging platform. You can see my other work below.


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Want to build something together, hire me, or just say hello? I'd love to chat.

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